Bringing players together through unforgettable challenges.

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Great games have incredible depth, celebrate the pursuit of mastery, and reward players for their time. They challenge players to achieve the unforgettable.


Games bring players together like no other medium. We love games that bond players through adversity - where the highs and lows of overcoming the impossible create friendships that last a lifetime.


Ultimately, games are all about bringing joy to players. We're always focused on a niche of players we believe are underserved today, and we relentlessly focus on delivering for them every day.


We're building games to be inclusive and accessible for players everywhere. We want diverse groups of fans, competitors, and creators to find a community where they can belong.


Nate Mitchell

Originally from Washington, DC, Nate co-founded Oculus, where he helped reboot virtual reality with Rift and Quest as head of product. His love of games first led him to product engineering at Gaikai and Scaleform.

Matt Hansen profile photo

Matt Hansen

Matt was most recently Executive Producer at Oculus, building software for Rift and Quest. Previously, he was COO and Executive Producer at Double Fine. Matt’s had the honor of contributing to great titles such as Iron Brigade, The Cave, and Day of the Tentacle Remastered.

Mark Terrano profile photo

Mark Terrano

Best known for games like Age of Empires Series, CS:GO, Defense Grid, and Brass Tactics, Mark specializes in designing gameplay that is accessible for everyone yet deep enough that it can never be fully mastered.

Richard Lyons profile photo

An Australian artist with 18 years of experience in animation and game development, Richard most recently contributed to Naughty Dog’s award-winning Uncharted and Last of Us franchises.

Jake Van Wingen profile photo

Jake Van Wingen

Jake has a long history in building big games with small teams. He founded Gastronaut Studios in the early 2000s and shipped a number of games for early console downloadable platforms. He later served as a Technical Director at PopCap where he helped move the company multiplatform experiences across mobile and consoles.

Lee Horn profile photo

Lee Horn

Lee has spent his games career in product leadership roles on competitive PVP live service titles, contributing to Apex Legends, Valorant, and League of Legends. Previously, Lee was head of product on Apex Legends where he drove the studio's transition to a sustainable F2P game-as-a-service franchise model.

Steven Khoo profile photo

Steven Khoo

Steven has specialized in public relations, community and brand building for titles in the competitive multiplayer space, launching award-winning games including Overwatch, StarCraft II, League of Legends and Street Fighter. Most recently he led communications efforts for Overwatch, the development of Overwatch League and the debut of Overwatch 2.

Malonie Semere profile photo

Malonie Semere

Malonie is a human resources professional with a passion for people and culture. She has spent the bulk of her career cultivating start-up talent management teams, scaling workforces domestically/internationally, cultivating culture, as well as introducing authentic diversity initiatives. Her most recent experience includes leading global efforts in the expansion and development of artificial intelligence teams. 

Neill Harrison

Neill has 22 years of experience creating AAA games, including extended tenures at Rare and Microsoft. Prior to joining Mountaintop, he built and led the Art organization for multiple Halo titles as the Director of Art Management at 343 Industries. Neill’s passion is building high performing creative teams built on trust, collaboration and inclusion.

Russell Matteson

Russell was most recently a Principal Engineering Manager at 343 Industries, where he helped coordinate technical development for the Halo Infinite campaign. Prior to 343 he contributed to multiple products in the Microsoft Office suite. He specializes in engineering team operations and management, though still enjoys hands-on implementation where time and circumstances allow.

Edmund Helmer

Edmund comes most recently from the Meta VR team, where he was Senior Manager of Analytics. Prior to that, Edmund has worked across gaming and media for the past two decades. He has contributed to Facebook Gaming and Videos, was one of the founding members of the Oculus Analytics team, and prior to all of that worked in film statistical journalism with his blog BoxOfficeQuant and through Reuters.

Zully Barrientos

Zully is a people-first producer with a background in fine art, public policy and org management. An expert at untangling complex collaboration problems and developing intuitive processes, Zully has supported many technical and content teams in her career including Environment Art, UI/UX, and core Engineering teams. Previously, Zully was lead producer for Presentation at 343 Industries, supporting the launch of Halo Infinite.


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