Introducing Mountaintop Studios

Black lives matter. We never expected to be announcing this project during such an important global movement. We do not tolerate racism of any kind, and we stand with the Black Lives Matter community against institutionalized racism, police violence, and injustice.

All of us at Mountaintop grew up playing, making, and obsessing over games. It’s that passion that led us to work at companies like Oculus, Naughty Dog, Epic, Respawn, Double Fine, and Hidden Path.

Now, we’re excited to channel that passion into Mountaintop.

The Ascent

For us, the rush comes from the climb.

It’s the level you can’t quite seem to beat. It’s the boss fight that takes hours to master. It’s the opposing team that’s in the lead — until you break through and snatch the win.

But it isn’t just the thrill of victory. It’s looking back and seeing how far you’ve come. How you were forced to grow, adapt, and improve. It’s the satisfaction of knowing you’re better than you were before. And sometimes, it’s sharing the joy of the climb with your friends.

That’s at the heart of what we’re doing: making the types of games that inspired us to new heights as kids and building new mountains for gamers to conquer together.

We’re not ready to share details on our first title yet, but we think we’re on to something special.

A Different Kind of Studio

We’re an independent, remote-first studio primarily located in the US. Since we love working in smaller teams where amazing ideas can come from anyone, we’re building toward a mid-sized studio.

Games are a reflection of the teams that make them. So to make the best games, we’re building a studio that puts the team first — one that’s collaborative, anti-crunch, diverse, and inclusive.

Join the Climb

If all of this resonates, we’d love for you to join us! We’re assembling a super talented team of folks who are passionate about building extraordinary new experiences that inspire others.

Check out our full list of job openings here.

We’re pushing to new heights. We hope you’ll join us.

— The Mountaintop Team